Cuddly Wuddly and 6 being a great age

17 Feb

Soma is a Daddy’s girl so Brian is usually the one who does the nighttime routine – brush teeth, read a story, cuddle until she falls asleep. Once in a while Mommy gets a turn and it’s then that I’m reminded how easy it is to fall asleep next to our cuddly wuddly. She still likes an arm around her to hold her as she falls to sleep. While doing that, it’s hard not to just stay next to her, the sweet bundle of cuteness. It’s so relaxing and peaceful listening to her as she goes deeper into her sleep, her breathing getting heavier. I was thinking how she’s 6 today and will be 12 in 6 more years! I have a feeling she will not want to cuddle with mommy and daddy when she’s 12. Which is why I savor every moment, sneaking in kisses and hugs whenever I can, cause right now, she lets me.

Soma is such a happy go lucky girl. All smiles pretty much all the time. Yesterday I had a day off so we spent all day together. We started the day with a craft project for school. We had to find 100 things around the house that we had to put together to commemorate the 100th day of school. Initially we were going to do a book, I thought it would be fun and particularly, easy. However, a couple days back she was just crafting on her own, busy with one of her ideas and the outcome was this crazy scupltural / mixed media type… ‘marble run’. I was amazed. So I thought, why not give her the opportunity to get creative with this? The book then turned into a sort of garden scene where 10 buttons made up a pond, 15 leaves on each tree, 12 pencils creating a frame, etc. It was super fun to work on it together, and honestly, it’s too bad we don’t do projects like this more often, and well, I really need to just make more of an effort to make sure it happens!

Later that day we went ice skating. I admit I was a little nervous to take Soma without Brian around, but I was feeling more confident in my skating and was willing to go since our skating days were numbered. What fun did we have! Soma definitely got better, she didn’t fall *as much* as last time, and no matter how hard the fall, she would just get right back up and give me a big grin. My little cutie never ceases to amaze me. I would ask her if she’s ok and she’d say ‘Mommy, I’m always ok, just keep going!’.

I can’t tell you how lucky I feel. At 6, she’s so brave, such a big girl, but yet, my baby, my adorable sweet little girl. Every year it’s different and it seems to get better and better, but I fear these days where she’s my little one are slowly making way for an actual big girl.

I’ve been trying to take more pics and video. It had been a while with video, but am back on it, want to document as much as I can!