Great Weekend

10 Apr

This past weekend Brian and I got to check off 2 things on our “have-to-do-with-Soma” list. I’ve wanted Soma to ride the local bus downtown and Brian has wanted to take Soma to the LB Aquarium. It was great because we got to do both and Soma had a grand time!

As we rode the bus downtown, we sang the “wheels on the bus” song as we went up and down, people that got on moved on back, and the driver went beep beep beep! Soma loved looking out the window and waving hello/bye but got upset when she couldn’t run around in the bus and when we had to get off at our stop. But she cracked a smile as soon as she saw the colorful fountains in front of the LB Performing Arts Center!

On Sunday we took a trip down to the Aquarium. Soma seemed mystified by the beautiful colorful fish floating about and was trying so hard to touch the fish through the glass that separated them. We saw star fish, sea horses, jelly fish, sharks, sting rays, and crabs! eeeew! She even got to touch some of them and enjoyed getting partially in the water and having contact with the wet, slippery creatures! We also went into the birdhouse there and got to feed some beautiful parrots!

What a beautiful, warm weekend! It was awesome to see Soma experience so many new things and enjoy herself! She was definitely pooped! No trouble falling asleep, that’s for sure!