I Can Do It

24 Mar

Soma is a very independent girl. It’s great! She wants to take a bath all by herself, wash her own hair, shampoo, conditioner and all! She listens to us as we show her how to do something and then she just goes and tries it herself. Lately she’s also been brushing her own teeth, putting on her own shoes, tying her shoelaces, pouring her own bowl of milk with cereal! The list is getting longer by the day. What impresses me is her tenacity. Soma does not give up if at first she doesn’t succeed. She will not take the easy way out and let you do it for her – she will do it! I got her the closest thing that came to winter boots on a Tuesday night in the middle of March. Soma’s other boots pretty much fell apart that day and she had also been playing in mud that I refused to clean off. The next day there was to be a snow storm so I went to 3 different stores and found what I found. They were zip up tennis shoes that fit well if you were wearing stretch pants or less, but anything else, it was a struggle to zip up. Soma was wearing jeans the next day and was relentless and just tried tried until her little hands just couldn’t anymore. I offered to help many times, but she refused. Finally, she gave up and I explained to her that these weren’t the best shoes in the world. Soma finally let me help.