Me and my girl

27 Mar

This weekend Soma and I spent two days just her and I while Brian was getting some much deserved boy time. I was secretly happy to get her all to myself! Yesterday, after a rainy day we went out for an early evening walk on 2nd street. We hit our favorite spot, Jamba Juice, and shared a berry and beet smoothie. It was delicious! We sipped our smoothies outside while watching all the passerbys. I actually found a men’s wedding ring! Looked expensive! Thought about pawning it off but thought better of myself and handed it into J.J.. Afterwards we walked back and that’s when Soma started doing her “I want me” dance, wanting me to carry her. I think she likes to be at eye’s height with everyone else. We came back, popped a story DVD in – a new one with an animated Goodnight Gorilla which Soma loved but she liked the Bear and the Moon’s birthday story best I think, and then ate some lasagna. It was yummy!

The Latest

  • After celebrating Bryce’s birthday at daycare, Soma has learned the birthday song very well! She sounds adorable singing it!
  • Soma played a great game of throw-and-catch today! She caught the ball quite a few times! I was impressed. She got discouraged though after getting hit in the face a couple of times – I am a bad thrower!
  • Soma has a look that just melts. She seems to be observing you with her big brown eyes and then she cracks this big smile showing you all her teeth and it is just sooooo sweet.